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13th July - 17th July 2020


Dear Year 3s,

As it is the last week of term, we would normally be involved with a few different activities, which would include preparations for the Year 6 Leavers’ Service.


Our HOUSE DAY would usually involve a range of outdoor, craft activities so I have added a few suggestions below, which you could work on throughout the week, or all on one day (like HOUSE DAY) if you’d prefer!



If you have been at school during the last week, you will have already written some of your memories of various year 6s, but if you have been at home, you wouldn’t have had the chance.


If you would like to type your memories of any of our year 6s, who will be leaving Coxley on Friday, please email them to Mrs Knowles so that they can be included in a DVD I will be making as an alternative to the church service. I will need these messages by Tuesday so that I can add them to the final DVD.



If you would like to keep up with some maths each day, during what would be the final week of this term, you will find some CHALLENGE CARDS for each day. There are various levels of difficulty, so try whichever is the right level of challenge for you. At school, there will still be some maths going on for the first few days at least.



This has not been an easy time for anyone, whether at home or at school so, as we reach the end of term, I would like to say thank you for keeping up with any learning you have managed either at home or at school. We hope that things will return to (close to) normal in September and I will really look forward to seeing you all then. I hope you have a lovely summer holiday and I'll see you soon.


From Mr Vidler



There is a competition running alongside the online release of The ICKABOG, where J K Rowling has asked for illustrations for certain scenes and events on the story.

Depending where you have read up to, you could take up the challenge and ask a parent to submit your entries. Instructions for what to illustrate and how to upload your illustrations can be found here:


ONLINE RESOURCES - Give these a try!

In addition to the literacy and maths activities on each day, you might want to have a look at the links below.


The BBC are creating daily lessons for lots of subjects, which you could have a go at instead of, or as well as the work I have planned for you.


We use activities like these nearly every day in maths at school, and some of the reasoning examples look really good. There are activities which you can download below each daily video clip. Again, these could be completed instead of my activities or in addition if you like!





Monday 13th July 2020

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Thursday 16th July 2020

Year 3 Practical Ideas - Try some of these throughout the week!