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Year 5




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30th March - 3rd April 2020

Dear Year 5 and 6,


I hope you are all having a nice time at home with your families and that you're all keeping healthy...and not missing school too much!

You will find all of your maths and literacy activities for the week ahead in the section for each day below. There are some activities for you to try out throughout this week, or future weeks, in the Year 5 Practical Ideas document. These cover a range of curriculum subjects and should be fun!

As it is the start of National Pet Month on April 1st, I will find some more activities linked to pets over the next few weeks but you can start with French Animals for now!



Learning Objective: I know the French names of some common pets.

Open the document below and try some of the animal matching activities. You could also draw a picture of your pet and label it in French if you like.



Learning Objective: I can use code blocks to create programmes online.

Try creating your own program using code blocks. Try some of the tutorials at the page below to help you get started or as a reminder of what we have done previously at school.



23rd March - 27th March 2020

Dear Year 5 and 6,


You will find all of your maths and literacy activities for the week ahead in the section for each day below. In addition to these, here are some projects and activities for you to complete which will help you to keep making progress in other curriculum areas.



Learning Objective: I understand how primary sources of evidence help us understand the lives of people in the past.


Create a presentation either on your computer, mobile device (e.g. Powerpoint, Keynote) or on paper to explain how the artefacts discovered at Skara Brae helped us to further develop our knowledge of Neolithic people. You could include facts about objects found, drawings or diagrams, maps to show the location and similarities or differences between this and other Neolithic sites you are familiar with.



Learning Objective: I understand how levers work and can be used to lift heavier weights than would be possible without them.


Draw a diagram of a lever and how it could be used to lift a weight OR build your own lever and use it to prove to others in your house how levers work. You could use Lego (like we did at school) wood, or any other construction materials that are strong enough!