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Vision and Values

‚ÄčOur School Vision

  • Pupil Led Learning

To develop an inclusive environment that inspires inquisitiveness and confidence ensuring independence and meets the needs of every child socially and academically. To enable pupils to become highly motivated and engaged in order for them to take ownership of their own learning, achievement and social development.


  • Inspire and Engage

To promote a positive and engaging environment through fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive ethos where children feel safe and happy. To provide a curriculum which is imaginative, fun and full of adventure to promote the best learning environment. To give children a love of learning that will inspire pupils to become lifelong learners.


  • Prepare for the Future

To learn core skills in reading, writing, maths and computing as well as develop a breadth of knowledge and skills to prepare them for their future. To encourage pupils to become actively involved in the wider community and develop an awareness and understanding of the world around them to enrich theirs and the lives of others.


  • Teamwork

To nurture and develop all pupil’s skills when working as a team member or team leader. To provide the pupils with opportunities to take on responsibility and lead areas within the school. To cultivate good communicators and provide pupils with the confidence and ability to take risks.

Alongside the above, we also have values that all members of our community helped to decide.  These values underpin how we behave and work in our school. 
Our Values