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Spy in the Wild

‘Spy in the Wild’

Hay class had an amazing visit from Phil Dalton who is Jack and Oscar’s dad. He works as a wildlife cameraman and producer. He has recently been working on the BBC one show ‘Spy in the Wild’ which is currently on BBC One on Thursday nights. The children were hugely inspired by his visit to our school and his talk.

‘Spy in the Wild’ - the pupil’s perspective

Thursday 19th January 2017 Phil Dalton Spy in the Wild camera man and producer came into Coxley Primary School. He came with a surprise which was a robotic wolf. It was used in the programme to take videos and pictures of wolves. He told us about how he got all of the pictures and videos of the animals.

The children got to see a sneak peak of the new episode. The reason why he came is because we are focusing on wolves; there topic is predators. (By Lily and Sienna)