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Hay Class Pet Projects - Brilliant work everyone!

Avebury Henge and Stone Circle Visit

HISTORY - Moving 'sarsen' stones using ropes and logs!

Expo 2020 is the future! There are over 190 countries participating and each country has to build a pavilion to 'wow' tourists. This is a place where tourists can learn about different cultures.

Each pavilion is unique and has symbolic meaning.

We have begun to design and make models of our own pavilions, inspired by others from Expo 2020 because we have been learning about the architecture. Written by year 5 and 6.

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Beam House Residential.

At Beam House we did various activities including surfing, body-boarding, the zip-wire, quad biking and other cool things. On the first day we did climbing and archery. It was really enjoyable for everyone and we played several games. After the activities we went outside and played Ambush. We split into two groups. One group had to hide whilst the other group searched. At the end, Mr Vidler and Mr Shakespeare hid from us. We eventually found them hiding behind the trees. Later we really liked staying up late but eventually we all fell asleep after eating all of our sweets. On the second day we did even more fun activities; zip wire, surfing and body boarding. To complete the zip-wire we had to climb up a wooden pole with metal steps. At the top of the pole we were taught how to fasten our self to the wire. We were taught how to realse ourselves using the flip flops. The zip wire was a little scary because you were hanging but the second time was more fun because we knew what to expect. Surfing was also really fun. We started by getting use to the water; the coaches threw us around and we had to try and rugby tackle them. Following this we taught how to get up from the sitting position and balance in the squatting position. The coached helped us to stand up in the waves but most people fell off. On the final day we did Aeroball.

A message from Hay Class Red House members.

Last half term Hay Class did an amazing performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. There were also 2 other plays which were MacBeth and The Tempest which were performed by Year 6 students from Wells Cathedral school. It was really fun but a lot of hard work learning lines. At the start we were worried we wouldn't know our lines but everyone did exceptionally well with their speaking and acting. The audience laughed and clapped a lot!

Our topic this term is:


World War One

Somerset Poppies Choir - It's a Long Way to Tipperary

Backing track for Saturday 10th November - Somerset Poppies Preview Event

Somerset Poppies Choir - Pack Up Your Troubles

Backing track for 10th November

Somerset Poppies Choir - Roses Are Shining in Picardy

Backing track for 10th November

Somerset Poppies Choir - Keep the Home Fires Burning

Backing track for 10th November

All packed before this morning's activities: quad biking and aeroball. Great day yesterday with surfing and bodyboarding as well as the mud challenge and zip wire.


Looking forward to seeing you all this afternoon!


Please click on the photo below to see The Young 'uns sing 100 Years Later, written by the children of Hay Class to mark 100 years since the BEGINNING of WW1. to one of the band's original tunes. This is very exciting!














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