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PHOTOS - Monday


Everyone has had a great day today. The children thoroughly enjoyed Cleeve Abbey (now correctly spelt!) and once again demonstrated a genuine interest in history, making links between this and our trip to Glastonbury Abbey last year.


They enjoyed lunch after arriving at Kilve, then spent the afternoon on a long (and for some, rather tiring) walk up and across the Quantocks, where we saw deer, birds of prey, Wales and a nuclear power station (among other things).


After dinner and some time to relax, the children completed an orienteering-style activity called 'Jumblies' where they explored more of the Kilve site outside, finding clues to word puzzles.


All of the children are now safely tucked up in bed and it's mostly quiet, with everyone happily settling to what will, I'm sure, be a long sleep after such a tiring day!

More updates and photos tomorrow afternoon and evening.